Close the Billion Tabs

Ampersand is a Google Chrome extension designed to enhance research and promote learning within a familiar environment: your browser. Ampersand tracks over 3,000 companies on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange and combs through visited webpages, highlighting them and giving you easy access to more information at the click of a button.

*Free for personal use. Licensing required for businesses.

Charts on the Go

While researching your next big investment idea, how many tabs do you open up? Have you ever searched a ticker like APPS to see what it's for? How about checking how Microsoft is doing? Google may be your friend, but Ampersand lets you skip the middle man and get straight to the info.

Just click on the highlight and a fully interactive tab appears, letting you check stock info and charts on the fly.


More questions?

Feel free to contact with questions regarding the extension. Please keep in mind it may take some time to get back to you.